We decided to focus on sustainable logistics as the first industry cluster to pursue because of the high concentration of logistics companies and training programs in our region. Knowing that a sustainable logistics cluster includes a lot of overlap/interconnections with other sectors like advanced manufacturing, cyber/IT, green tech, it made sense to get started on those sectors under the logistics umbrella.

While we face challenges, together, we can work towards solutions that will benefit families and future generations who live, work and grow roots here.

Our Context

44% of all the goods consumed in the US pass through the region

The Inland Empire is home to 10% of the nation’s warehouses

Our Challenges

About 73% of the 220,000 logistics jobs in the area face automation

San Bernardino & Riverside Counties rank #1 and 2 for worst air quality in the nation

58% of the population is Black and Latino/a/x but represent 71% of struggling families