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$50 Million Dollars Scheduled to be Released for CERF Diversification Pilot Program

The State of California is now accepting comments for the CERF Diversification Pilot Projects Program. The CERF Pilot Projects will fund projects aligned with the values of the CERF program that demonstrate potential uses of CERF implementation funds. Up to $50 million will be available for funding, with a maximum of $10 million allowed for any single award. Up to 13 projects will be funded, and geographic equity among regions will be prioritized. The final Pilot Projects SFP will be released in January 2023.


The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), Labor & Workforce Development Agency (Labor Agency), and Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) have announced the availability of up to $50 million in pilot project grants as part of the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF)

The Economic Development Pilot will fund projects that have already emerged from existing regional processes or plans and are ready for implementation. This funding opportunity is a recognition of the ongoing efforts of communities across California working to build a more inclusive and equitable economy for all. Regions will be able to showcase innovative projects that advance the goals of CERF.

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Summary from the State’s Webinar & Q&A from the State’s webinar.

To view the full SFP, please visit the EDD Workforce Development Solicitations for Proposals webpage

CERF Pilot Projects Archives
Please read the Inland Empire’s comment letter here.
Please review the Draft Guidelines and visit the State’s website for more information.

It Takes a Region: Community Engaged, Empowered, Determined

Inland Empire Contacts:

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Inland Empire Labor Institute (IELI) Inland Economic Growth 
and Opportunity (IEGO) 

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Inland Empire Community Foundation with serve as the Fiscal Agent.

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It Takes a Region Community Engaged, Empowered, Determined

The It Takes a Region: Inland Empire CERF Proposal presented by the Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) and Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity (IEGO) is the culmination of an open, regionwide planning process that builds off the work of a multisector collaboration of partners seeking to build a more prosperous future through equity, innovation, and sustainability. With this proposal we seek to do economic development differently by elevating new voices and growing new jobs in opportunity industries such as Green Energy and Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainable Logistics, Arts/Digital Media, Cybersecurity/Information Technology and more. The proposal calls for the development of the Inland Empire High Road Transition Collaborative (HRTC) that will include an Inclusive Planning Council with three ports of entry for meaningful engagement: Subregional Tables, Committees, and Equity Councils. As the Inland Empire emerges from the pandemic and prepares for a more technological, sustainable, carbon neutral future it is imperative that we center the most important asset in the region: The People.

What you need to know about CERF


The State of California’s historic $600 million dollar investment in the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF) is a massive investment in regional inclusive economic development with the potential to transform the Inland Empire and communities negatively impacted by the pandemic and systemic inequities.

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PHASE IPlanning Grant – $5 million
During Phase I, one $5 million dollar grant will be award to each CERF Region to support the development of smart, targeted regional economic roadmaps that can create high-quality jobs and build a more equitable economy that works for all.
CERF REGIONSThere are 13 CERF Regions. The Inland Empire Region includes All of San Bernardino and All of Riverside Counties.
State WebsiteOPR Website

Definition of High Road Jobs

Per CERF, High Road jobs are defined by employers who offer the following:

  • family-sustaining wages
  • clearly defined routes to advancement into higher-wage jobs
  • benefits (like paid sick and vacation)
  • adequate hours
  • predictable schedules
  • access to training
  • occupational health and safety
  • worker representation or right to organize
  • no employer or subcontractor record of wage theft or other violations of labor law
 It Takes a Region.

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CERF was created to promote a sustainable and equitable recovery from the economic distress of COVID-19 by supporting new plans and strategies to diversify local economies and develop sustainable industries that create high-quality, broadly accessible jobs for all Californians. Specifically, the Community Economic Resilience Fund Program (CERF) would support communities and regional groups in producing regional roadmaps for economic recovery and transition that prioritize the creation of accessible, high-quality jobs in sustainable industries. On September 23, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 162, which established the $600 million CERF. The CERF is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Additional resources regarding CERF can be found at or CERF information is available on the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR).


San Bernardino County CEDS (2019-2024)
Riverside County CEDS (2019-2024)

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Additional CERF information is available on the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) website.

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